Cycle Alert

We love working with innovative start-ups. Cycle Alert is a brilliant piece of tech that alerts HGV drivers to the presence of cyclists. Visual indication in the cab warns the driver when a bike is present in their blind spot. The benefits are obvious, so we were eager to help the brand flourish. We started by presenting their team with a thorough analysis of the visual language of safety communication. We matched this with some common sense insight on bike culture and how to bring the two together. 

The result is a versatile brand identity that is approachable for an end user, but also doesn’t feel out of place in the cab of a HGV.

It was striking to us that cyclists come off a poor second in safety design. All bumper stickers and signs currently in circulation make road safety the burden of the cyclist. When Cycle Alert asked us for a marketing image to address this, our focus was to address the balance of responsibility. Our safety sign put the HGV and bike on equal terms. The caution message is clear, the Cycle Alert branding is present without giving a false sense of security to either driver or cyclists. We’d love to see this sign everywhere.

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