Vworp Vworp Vworp!

With the UK’s finest family sci-fi adventure turning fifty and the introduction of a new Doctor at the console of the TARDIS, BBC wanted a packaging refresh to capture the excitement. We have recently delivered a packaging system designed for classic and specialty applications. This was an opportunity to deliver a vibrant, energetic program for the show’s younger core audience. 

As we had one of the world’s most iconic craft at our disposal, we naturally wanted the focus to be squarely on the TARDIS. The brief called for clearly defined areas for the product to shine, the logo to pop at a distance and for the packs to vibrate with movement. Our solution has the TARDIS ripping across and around the surface of the packs to create the composition.

Packaging system

Specialty variants

System guidelines

Doctor Who Packaging-Skew-Styleguide.jpg